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Explore Italy with the eyes of the locals

The best of Italy in your hands

Real luxury is in the experience

Why Delicanto

If you don’t feel just like a tourist and would love to become a local,
if you look for off the beaten path itineraries,
if you think Made in Italy is not just a cliché,
if you wish for unexpected surprises along the way,
if you believe simplicity is the key to happiness,
if you want to actively participate, rather than just visit.

Then, Delicanto is your perfect travel companion.

About us

Since its beginning, Delicanto has always been all about the journey.

We designed Delicanto just like when you are planning the holiday of your lifetime: the kind that surprises you along the way, the one that changes your heart and soul, the one that touches you with authenticity.

First-hand experiences, special encounters, local tradition and unique flavours dedicated to people that care: because this journey is a personal discovery but also a way to support local excellence.


We love to be Italians

Created by two young local entrepreneurs in love with their country, Delicanto shares with special people, who don’t feel just like tourists the real Made in Italy: passion, culture, lifestyle that make these itineraries unique and unforgettable.

Delicanto, explore Italy with the eyes of the locals.

Our resorts

A selection of unique and unforgettable residence where stars are not enough to describe this experience. Enchanting locations enshrined in the local tradition as real treasures: where history and nature dominate.

If you love Delicanto’s lifestyle you can draw inspiration from our selection of relais even just for an overnight fairytale.

Available soon.